Call to Prayer for April 18, 2018

What a blessing to be with so many of you at our 2018 Georgia Baptist Women’s Spring Event last weekend at Stone Mountain.  Thank you for your prayers leading up to the event and for continuing to be a prayer warrior as together we partner with our many workers serving at home and around the world.  As a part of our Hearts Called to Pray partnership with Israel, we have 2 of our ladies (Anna and Grace) leaving for Israel on April 21 and following are specifics for praying as they travel:

We will be staying at the JPC every night (including the days we will be on a Prayer Journey) and be in Jerusalem during the day to help at the JPC from April 22-April 30. Below, I have typed our itinerary for the three days we will be traveling for the prayer journey.

  • Tuesday, May 1: This day we will travel from the JPC to Tel Megiddo National Park (at the beginning of our journey, to pray for the return of Christ), Avtalyon Oil Press (sit in an olive grove and learn about how they make olive oil),Mount Precipice (overlooking Nazareth, to pray for the people who live in the cities in the North of Israel and especially the Jews, that they would see their Messiah has come), Nazareth (where we will have lunch with the Greens,an M family there that work with Northern Arabs, to learn how to pray for their ministry), Mount Arbel National Park (overlooking the Sea of Galilee, to pray for toward the Syrian border and all refugees), and (if time permits) Capernaum (to be reminded of where Jesus based his ministry and pray for the ministries and churches that we are involved with)
  • Wednesday, May 2: On our second day, we will travel up the Mediterranean Coast, starting our trip with a stop at Apollonia National Park (to pray for the nations and for our own), Haifa(where we will have lunch with an M family, the Kims, who work with college students at Haifa University and live in a Druze village), Louis Promenade (to pray for the Arabs living in Israel, as well as reconciliation between Arab believers and Messianic Jews), Rosh HaNikra (on the Lebanese border, to pray for the nations that border Israel)
  • Thursday, May 3: On our last day, we will travel down into the Negev to Masada (overlooking the Dead Sea and looking towards the East, to pray for the Ms across the globe who are working in spiritual deserts, that the Lord would breathe life), Mitzpe Ramon Visitors Center (to pray for the Bedouin Arabs of the Negev), and Be’er Sheva (where we will hopefully be able to meet with the Marks, an M couple that runs the community center in the Bedouin village of Lakiya). If we don’t get to meet with them, then we will go to Nahum Sarig Street in Be’er Sheva, where I lived when I was a J-girl.

Prayer Requests from Anna:

My husband has been sick, so if you could pray that I wouldn’t get sick! It wouldn’t be the kind of sickness that would stop me from going, but I wouldn’t want to spread it to Grace or make it more difficult for us to serve while we are there. Also, I’ve felt at peace about the trip, which is a praise! If you could continue to pray for the peace of Christ to rule my mind and for my mind not to be overcome by news reports. And finally, if you could pray for us to be open and aware of the Holy Spirit’s leading. I’m a planner, but I want to be flexible and led by the Spirit, not man-made plans.

Prayer Requests from Grace:

  • 3 family situations (God is in control and I want to rest in that and not be distracted)
  • strength, mercy and grace for each new day
  • discernment and insight in praying God’s Word
  • to have good listening ears and then an “instructed tongue” as we talk with people
  • walking in step with the Spirit

We are taking a break from our Monday morning Call to Prayer for a time as we evaluate our website to improve your experience – however, we will continue to post specific prayer needs during this time and you will be able to continue to access the website.  

If you would like to be a part of our Hearts Called to Pray prayer partnership with Israel, please contact Mary Laughman at 

Mary Laughman, Georgia WMU Prayer Coordinator


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