32 Mission Ideas for Kids & Families

32 Mission Ideas for Kids & Families

32 Mission Ideas

Help kids be part of what God is doing in other people’s lives. Adding the gospel message to any of these projects turns an ordinary activity into a missions activity! As you do good deeds for others, you point them to God and his goodness (Matthew 5:16). Select some projects below and let His light shine through you!


  1. Make cards for those in the hospital. Write John 3:16 on the card.
  2. Write an encouraging note to an elderly person, and include Psalm 13:5 on the card.
  3. Mail a note to your teacher and include a pen. Write, “Thank you for making a mark on my future.” Pray for them to have rest during the summer.
  4. Write thank you notes to dining services employees and housekeeping services for your local hospital. Share reasons why their job is important and how much you appreciate their hard work. Include a Bible verse to remind them how much God thinks of them.
  5. With your parent’s permission, record Psalm 91:1-4 using a cell phone. Text the message to someone who needs to be encouraged. Let them know they are loved by God and you are thinking of them!
  6. Use sidewalk chalk to draw pictures and write encouraging messages for neighbors, nursing homes, and shut-ins. (Ask permission first.)
  7. Make a video of you and your friends singing a song about Jesus. Send the video to a grandparent or elderly friend who needs to be encouraged.
  8. Write or draw three things you love or appreciate about fireman and police officers. Be specific. Ask your parents to take you to deliver your note. Write Psalm 4:8 or Proverbs 18:10 on the card.
  9. Write encouraging words on wood clothes pins and give to people to use as chip clips. (You are loved, hope, peace, new creation in Christ, God loves you, etc.) Decorate and add a magnet to the back for recipients to use as note holders on their fridge.
  10. Make bookmarks with encouraging messages and donate to a local library.
  11. Make a short story about why you are thankful for healthcare workers. Be specific. Draw pictures and include a Bible verse. Deliver to your local doctor’s office or hospital.
  12. Make a huge thank you poster for lab technicians in your local hospital. Without them, other healthcare providers would not know how to treat patients. They are important and often overlooked.

Gifts & Surprises

  1. Think of a family needing help right now. Pack a box with groceries from your pantry. Write a note to let them know they are on God’s mind. Shhhh…don’t sign your name. Secretly deliver the groceries.
  2. Decorate placemats with Bible verses fully written out. Donate to local nursing homes. (Use construction paper or extra fabric and trim with pinking shears. Cover in contact paper for durability.)
  3. Make picture or word cards for ESL classes.
  4. Leave bubble bottles at a local park. Write a note with a sharpie on the bottles.
  5. Using a Ziplock bag, make gift bags for the homeless. Include non- perishable items such as granola bars, fruit snacks, applesauce, crackers packs, water bottles, socks, hygiene items, hand wipes, sugar free gum, etc. Include a note with a Bible verse so they know they are loved by God.
  6. Call the local hospital or nursing home and ask how many public safety officers or hospital security team members they have. Make a snack basket of prepackaged foods with a special thank you note for each team member. Write the full verse for either John 3:16, 2 Thessalonians 3:3, or Psalm 55:22.
  7. Leave a package of peanut butter crackers, bag of cookies or other prepackaged food item with a thank you note for your mail carrier. Include Psalm 139:14.


  1. Go to your school and walk around praying for the needs and safety of students, teachers, staff, and students’ families.
  2. Ask a parent to let you go to wmu.com/prayercalendar. Select seven missionaries and write each name and where they are living on slips of paper or a popsicle stick. Put the names in a cup. Each day with your family, draw one name and pray together for that missionary.
  3. Go for a walk or bike ride with your family. Pray for families as you pass each home.


  1. Don’t order a drink or snack when you are ordering take-out, and donate the money to Global Hunger Relief instead.
  2. Decorate plastic bottles where you can insert coins at the top. Collect change for Pure Water, Pure Love. Ask your children’s pastor if you may share facts with kids to encourage them to collect change for a month. Donate the money collected.
  3. Donate board games (still in great condition) to a local children’s home or nearby hospital. Call to make sure they can receive donations.
  4. Go through your stuffed animals and select nice, clean used stuffed animals to donate to police officers, DFACS, firemen or other municipalities who may give them to children experiencing trauma.
  5. Look through your closet and select gently used clothes to donate to a family in need or friend. Remind them how much Jesus loves them and how much you love them!
  6. Collect towels, sheets, comforters, and other linens to donate to a local animal shelter or veterinary. Thank them for how they take care of God’s creation. Write out Psalm 36:6 or Proverbs 12:10.


  1. Look for opportunities to plant flowers at a church, organization, or business to encourage their staff and show appreciation for what they do.
  2. Make cookies for a friend who is having a rough time, and include a note with Psalm 94:19.
  3. Sweep an elderly person’s porch and leave a flower and note with Isaiah 40:8 included.
  4. Pick up trash or help clean an area in your community.