Egg Your Neighbor!

Egg Your Neighbor!

Egg Your Neighbor

Take advantage of the Easter season to “egg” your neighbors with the love of Jesus! Download a Word Document or PDF of a three-page resource with a supply list, instructions, and customizable cards and letter to give to your neighbors.


  1. Plastic eggs
  2. Paper to print Gospel flyer for each neighbor
  3. Individually wrapped candy
  4. Bible verses printed
  5. Marker/pen
  6. Grocery bag
  7. Scissors
  8. Painter’s tape (or tape that does not damage surface)
  9. List of names (by neighbor) if personalizing eggs


  1. Decide which neighbors to “egg” and how many eggs per yard. Kids like egg-hunting so don’t be stingy!
  2. Edit as you choose and print a Gospel flyer for each neighbor’s house.
  3. Print out individual Bible verses and cut apart. (Sample verses included.)
  4. Put candy and Bible verses in each egg. If personalizing eggs, keep each neighbor’s set separate from others. Put each set in a bag labeled with their name to ensure the correct eggs are hidden at each house.
  5. Tape Gospel flyer on porch or front door for each neighbor to find.
  6. Secretly hide eggs. If you get caught, get to know your neighbor and initiate a Gospel conversation!

Other Ideas

  • All ages enjoy egg-hunting so consider including teenagers and adults to make it a family affair!
  • Bless shut-ins or elderly in good health by hiding eggs in their home (with permission!) Who doesn’t want a little fun, encouragement from God’s Word and a yummy piece of candy? Adjust Gospel flyer so wording matches where eggs are hidden. Be respectful and only put eggs where they can be seen. Don’t open drawers or cabinets unless it’s your grandma’s house and she says it’s okay!